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Data Modeling

Posted by jyothsnav 2470 days ago (Editorial)

Data modeling is the process of creating a data model by applying formal data model descriptions using data modeling techniques.

Data modeling is a method used to define and analyze data requirements needed to support the business process of an organization. The data requirements are recorded as a conceptual data model with associated data definitions.

Actual i

Entity Relationship Diagrams

Posted by jyothsnav 2470 days ago (Editorial)

There are serveral notations for data modeling. The actual model is frequently called Entity Relationship model, because it depicts data in terms of the entities and relationships described in the data. An entity -relationship model (ERM) is an abstract conceptual representation of structured data. Entity-relationship modeling is a relational schema database modeling method, used in software e

Conceptual, logical and physical schemas

Posted by jyothsnav 2470 days ago (Editorial)

A data model instance may be one of 3 kinds:

Conceptual Schema: describes the semantics of a domain, being the scope of the model. For example, it may be a model of the interest area of an organization or industry. This consists of entity classes, representing kinds of things of significance in the domain, and relationships assertions about associations between pai

ERWIN - Reverse Engineer

Posted by jyothsnav 2387 days ago (Editorial)

To generate an Entity Relationship diagram for any existing database structure, please follow the below steps
Tools-Reverse Engineer
Reverse Engineer-Select Template will be opened with the following options
New Model type Physical  Logical/Physical
Target Database
Database DB2/UDB Version: 8.x/9/x (Next/Cancel)
Reverse Engineer-Set Options
Reverse Engin

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