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In a clustered environment the war or ear files needs to be deployed in each and every instances.

Using the farm deployment, the *.ear or *.war files will be deployed only in the farm directory.

JBoss will automatically deploy the *.ear or *.war in the farm directory to all instance in the cluster.


Note: Farm deployment w

Jboss instances are normally started using in foreground or background. If the Jboss server is started in the foreground then it can be stopped by using Ctrl-c. Consider a scenario where the Jboss server is started in the background and you want to stop the server. If we kill the Jboss instance then the server will stop abruptly. The correct way

Error : There is a problem in JMS message sending or receivingjavax.jms.JMSException: mq server can not receive message, MQ timeout error:2033

If this error occurs then it means no message in the queue. The applciation is trying to get msg from the queue but there is no message in the queue.


Another occuring scenario for 2033

If the heap size needs to be set for all the instance to the same value then use the run.conf in the bin directory

e.g. $JBOSS_HOME/bin/run.conf

set the JAVA_OPTS value as

JAVA_OPTS="-Xms1303m -Xmx1303m”

The good

Normally Jboss will allow command line arguments. The good practice is to keep a separate file for command line argument and point that file during start up.

In order to point a file containing arguments '-P' is the option used.


make a file

Manually generating thread dump in jboss 4 or 5

Posted by madeeswer 2524 days ago (Editorial)

Thread dumps are generated by JVM either automatically or manually. In order to figure out a problem proactively, we might require to generate thread dumps in various scenarios.

Thread dumps are generated using the following command

kill -3 pid

Websphere normally holds NDM's cache on wstemp and applicaiton servers cache on temp directory that is created under each application.


wstemp can be cleared on the run but temp directory under the application server cannot be deleted like that because applciation might hold some data inside that folder.


Follow the below mentioned steps inorder to h

WebServer Apache Benchmarking

Posted by raje2009 (#92) 2519 days ago (Editorial)

Apache Benchmarking

Apache Benchmarking is to find the number of request per second and to count the number of requests can be handled by a webserver instance for a website.

ab (apache benchmarking) is a tool which helps to shows how many requests per second can apache instance is capable of serving.

localhost@userid# ./ab.e

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