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Error in maillog


cannot update mailbox /var/mail/vmail for user vmail. unable to create lock file /var/mail/vmail.lock: Permission denied

This might be created because of SELinux. either give permission through SELinux or disable SELinux.

In order to diable SELinux

vi /etc/selinux/config


And execute the below

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In order to start SSH session through command prompt first copy the putty.exe to system32 folder in windows.


then give the following command

putty -l login_id -pw password -ssh

-l : to pass user login details

-pw to pass password of the user

-ssh represents to make ssh connection to the client

Note: without -ssh putty w

We need to create one soft link in order to make firefox or chrome detect your jre installation.


ln -s /usr/java/jre1.6.0_20/lib/i386/ /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/


Find command can be used to find files with specific permission like 777 or 775 or 666.

Use the below mentioned command to find the files with 777 permission,

find -perm

e.g. find /home/test -perm 777

This will list all the files with 777 permission under /home/test folder.

In order to search for files with some other permission then change the 777 according the file permiss

Find command's output can be substituted to another command.


Consider a scenario that you want to search for all log files in /tmp directory. Also want to see which log has SQL exception.


find /tmp -name "*.log" -exec grep -l "SQL" {} ;


the above command will search for all log files and if the file exist then it will execut

Linux Download youtube videos mozilla firefox

Posted by madeeswer 2010 days ago (Editorial)

First start the video and then press pause once the video starts buffering

go to the following direcotry


<home directory/.mozilla/firefox/cyvqrg9m.default/Cache

e.g. /home/test/.mozilla/firefox/cyvqrg9m.default/Cache


put ls -lrt


you can see the latest file. the file name will be created automatically b


Files can be transferred directly from one Linux server to another Linux server. many people use to transfer the file from Linux to Windows and Windows to Linux. This method will consume lot of time. If to want to transfer a file from one Linux Server to another then follow the below mentioned steps,

1. scp userid@hostname:source_file destiantion_file


redirect top output to the file

Posted by raje2009 (#58) 2326 days ago (Editorial)

Command to redirect the top output to a file.

top -b  -p 12345  -d 10 >> /tmp/stg01_top

We can also redirect multiple pid output to a file in a single line command as below

top -b  -p 12345,6789,9012  -d 10 >> /tmp/stg02_top

-b : Batch mode operation
            Starts to

top command in Linux

Posted by raje2009 (#58) 2326 days ago (Editorial)

 top - display Linux tasks/process, cpu utilization, load average and memory utilization.


To check the swap memory occupied by a process or PID through top command.

Enter the top command and enter ShiftO (O is alphabet)  to choose the various field available among the top command


Type p to select the SWAP

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